About Us

We are a young company with innovative criteria in the area of Software Development and Information Technology. Since 2002 we offer our customers solutions consulting, design and development of software. We focus on the use of existing and emerging methologies and technologies, assuring our customers innovative platforms for interaction and communication according to business needs and market trends. We have a highly qualified staff and an extensive knowledge of the market, backed by years of consulting work and developed projects in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.



DIESI works with clients to achieve their goals through the proposed business analysis and definition of the most suitable plan for every need. This growing demand of quality, professionalism and talent has its roots in the speed with which technology is developed, which requires a lot of time and dedication to understand and deploy, a few service companies and market structure as have DIESI, philosophy and positioning market able to offer it.



Liability and dedication. Passion for what i do. Confidentiality and respect for the customer. Search for innovation and ongoing update.



Become a referral company in latin america in the deployment of software solutions and developed from concrete products market needs.